What We Do

Disposal Bin Services
Disposal King has a bin to fit any job – whether you’re renovating, constructing, cleaning out a garage, replacing a roof, etc. The possibilities are endless!

We rent bins to contractors and homeowners in the greater Vancouver area for jobs large and small.

Excavating Services
We offer industrial, commercial and residential excavation services that cover a wide range of jobs, large and small.  Our fleet includes 4 sizes of excavators and a bobcat, perfect for smaller jobs.

Demolition & Destruction Services
If you’re looking for a straightforward residential deconstruction or demolition, or a custom structural, selective demolition for your commercial project, Disposal King has you covered.

Our Environmental Policy

Disposal King is dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment and minimizing harmful effects through efficient recycling, responsible operating practices, compliance with environmental legislation, and through the efforts of our dedicated people.

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