Demolition & Destruction

Deconstruction & Demolition Services Vancouver

If you’re looking for a straightforward residential deconstruction or demolition, or a custom structural, selective demolition for your commercial project, Disposal King has you covered.

Homeowners, Disposal King will assist your beautification project by:

  • Garage removal and garage demolition
  • Swimming pool removal and pool demolition
  • Driveway widening
  • Concrete & asphalt driveway removal

…and more!

Commercial business owners, Disposal King will:

  • Safely and efficiently demolish old buildings and structures of all kinds
  • Transport and dispose of waste materials from the site
  • Ensure respect for our environment while minimizing the effect we have on the immediate area
    …and much more!


Disposal King is committed to being environmentally conscious when it comes to deconstructing buildings and disposing of waste.  As a LEED compliant vendor, upholding sustainable practices is very important.

We are able to provide:

  • Select deconstruction of a garage, or small structure
  • Full deconstruction on buildings
  • Recycling a high volume of materials (generally between 90% and 98% of materials are diverted from the landfill and are send for recycling, as opposed to regular demolition practices)
  • Our fleet includes four different sizes of machinery, as well as a bobcat – perfect for any job.

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